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Training manual

  1. Job Description
  2. Promote Yourself
  3. Chat Room Descriptions and Rules for each area
  4. Items For Sale
  5. Marketing Outside RIVCams
  6. What are the payment methods?
  7. How often will I be paid?
  8. What are the earning percentages for webcam girls?
  9. How can I ask for assistance in the event of a non-payment?
  10. Is my privacy secure?
Job Description:

As a Performer on RIVcams.com, you are online to be fun, flirty and have some sexy fun with chatters from all over the world.

Always be prepared to come online. Hair and makeup should be done. You should be dressed (in Public Chat areas, you are not allowed to be only wearing lingerie or nude). Your lighting and sound should be checked to make sure that you are appearing at your best.

You are the fantasy. You should always be smiling and having fun while you are online. Leave your personal problems at the door. You are there to cater to the chatters who are watching you, not the other way around.

Do not give out your personal information. Not only is this not allowed, it is a matter of your personal security. There are methods of communication listed below for the chatters to use if they would like to contact you outside of the live chat rooms. There is also a messaging system built into RIVCams for chatters and models to use between each other.

Do not discuss payments, pay rates or any other aspect of the “business side” of RIVCams with your chatters. You are a fantasy girl(boy) to them, remember? You should not be reminding them of the fact that this is your “job”.

Promote Yourself:

Your profile:

Your profile is the first chance that a chatter has to get to know you. Make it count!

Describe the things that you like to do. Describe yourself, your personality, your kinks and the things that make you different than anyone else. Tell the chatters what they can expect to see and enjoy with You!

Additions to Basic Profile:

  • Video Presentation
  • Scheduling
  • Your Pictures

Give your chatters a sneak peek at what you look like on cam! If you aren’t online when they check out your profile, you can still entice them to come see you when you are!

The same rules for being in the Public Chat Rooms apply to Video Presentations:

  • - Hair and makeup should be done.
  • - You should be dressed to impress.
  • - Nudity is NOT ALLOWED.
  • - Check your lighting and camera quality before you begin recording.
  • - LOOK at the camera, not only at your screen.
  • - Smile, flirt, dance, whatever you choose, to show off yourself and your personality.

You set your own schedule. You should schedule yourself as often as you can. Please do not schedule yourself for times that you will not be online.

You can adjust your normal online hours by going to your profile and clicking the blocks of hours that you will usually be online in the calendar provide there:

When chatters or other models look at your profile, this is how it will appear to them:

If you know that you will be unable to work during your normally scheduled times, please make sure to adjust your calendar.

Check your calendar at the beginning of each week to make changes.

If you are going on vacation, have a doctor’s appointment, have your period, whatever…and know that you are not going to be online, Change Your Schedule accordingly.

Choose a Profile picture that really shows off your best assets and makes you feel sexy about yourself! Your Public Photos can be anything you like as long as you follow a few rules:

  • - ONLY YOU should be in the pictures. Please no party pictures that include a group of friends or a boyfriend/girlfriend/spouse, etc. These pictures will be denied.
  • - NO NUDITY in Public Photos. Save those to make even more money in the Private Photos section!
  • - NO Name Brands or Logos. It is illegal to display shirts, bottles, backgrounds, etc. that have a icon like this: ©
  • - NO images with a watermark! We do not allow any pictures that have a watermark from another site, copyright or logo of another company imprinted on them.

You should make sure that the pictures that you submit for your profile are beautiful, fun, sexy, flirty, pretty pictures that show off you and your personality.

You can also add pictures to a Public Photo gallery! These pictures can be anything you like, provided that they follow the above rules.

Update your pictures!! Got a haircut? Decided to change your style? Show it off! The chatters like to see pictures that will show them “who” they will see when they click into the chat rooms. You can add as many Public Photos as you like.

Chat Room Descriptions and Rules for each area:

There are 3 different types of Chat Rooms on RIVcams.

The Public and Personal Chat Rooms are both FREE Chat rooms.

Free Chat Rules:

  • - No hardcore images that depict penetration.
  • - No masturbation visible on screen.

Remember: if you give away too much in Free, no one will take you to private chat.

If you are banned for breaking the rules of the Public Chat rooms, you may request to be Unbanned by logging on to your Performer account and using this link:

  • Public Chat Rooms
  • Personal Chat Rooms
  • Private Chat Rooms

The Public Chat rooms are separated by language. When you first start the chat, you are automatically placed into the room of your primary language.

Public Chat allows the chatters (customers) to meet all of the models who are logged into that room and also allows you to interact with both the chatters and other models that are online.

All performers are required to remain fully dressed when logged in to the Public Chat rooms.

If you move into your Personal Chat room, it is usually best to exit the Public Chat by clicking on the room name (i.e. English) on the left panel of your chat interface to close out the Public Chat room when there are several people there with you.

The Personal Chat rooms allow you to interact more freely with the chatters who want to get to know You better. You are the only performer visible in your Personal Chat room

While you may remove outer wear when in your Personal Chat room, you must remember to Exit Public Chat before you do so. Just click the Green Dot beside the public room you are logged in to, to exit, on the Right hand side of your screen. Also, you are not allowed full-nudity in Personal Chat rooms.

When a chatter requests your time in Private Chat, you will see a pop-up screen like this appear over your chat window:

You can also change the amount of credits charged to spies. Voyeurs are those who enjoy watching private sessions but don’t want you to know they are there.

In the Private Chat rooms, you are one-on-one with the chatter. Nudity is allowed in Private Chat. This is where you become their fantasy! Role-play, masturbation, use of sex toys, etc. is all allowed in Private Chat rooms.

:REMINDER: You are never required to perform any act that you are not comfortable with!

Toggle Statistics will allow you to view the Session Duration, Cost per minute and how much you have earned. This box also gives you a look at how much time (in credits) your chatter has spent and how much he has left in his account to give you an accurate account of how long a private can last.

You can also turn on/off the video of the chatter who is watching you by clicking the Toggle Video of Watcher button

No depictions of illegal sex practices are allowed on RIVCams at any time: if you think it’s illegal then don’t do it!

These can include, but are not limited to:

  • - Fisting. (penetration of more than 4 fingers)
  • - Simulated Rape (non-consent role-play)
  • - Extreme bondage with penetration..
  • - Pedophilia (depicting a minor in a sexual situation).
  • - Scat or water sports (defecation or urination).
  • - Bestiality/zoophilia. (Humans having sex with animals).

A few things to remember about Private Chat:

  • - If you act like you don’t want to be there, your chatters will leave.
  • - Ask your chatters what they want to see if they are being too quiet and not letting you know.
  • - If you are asked to undress, don’t take forever! The quickest way to lose Private Chat time is to seem like you are wasting their time. If it takes 10minutes to take off your bra, the chatter will not come back!
  • - If you are uncomfortable with doing something, SAY SO! Most chatters will respect the fact that you are honest with them.
  • - DO NOT FAKE IT! They can tell! Don’t Pretend to do an anal show. Don’t fake an orgasm unless you’re really good at it.
  • If you aren’t sure what you sound like when having a real orgasm, try recording yourself sometime. It may sound strange, but it’s amazing what you learn about yourself when you play that recording back!
  • - Have fun with your Private shows! Sometimes a chatter will want you to direct the show and what you do…so do it!
  • If he/she tells you to do whatever you want to do…grab your favorite toy and enjoy yourself!
  • If you are in the role of a Dominant, take the reins and be the Domme of their dreams!
  • Have a particular fantasy that you want to share? Tell the story while you play!
Items For Sale:

There are several ways to make money on RIVCams. All of these are listed in the blue menu under Items for Sale. You set the cost for each of your Items for Sale and you make money from each of these different venues! Earn money even when you aren’t online!

  • Webcam Chat
  • Personal Contacts
  • Private Photos
  • Private Videos
  • Live Shows
  • Erotic Stories
  • Lingerie

You set your type of webcam show (Softcore or Hard) and your rates for your show (per minute credit cost). How many credits you charge per minute is limited to minimum 20Credits and maximum 50Credits. When you click on Items for Sale in the blue menu bar, choose Webcam Settings.

In this section, select whether your Private shows will be Soft (dancing, teasing, flirting, usually non-nude) or Hard (masturbation, playing with toys, etc.) and then choose your per-minute rate. If you are not planning to do hardcore shows that include nudity, masturbation, playing with toys, etc., you should choose the Soft setting. If you plan to do the above, choose Hard.

You can calculate how much you are charging your customers using this example formula. Credits Charged /Credits per Dollar. The value of the credits does change on a daily basis. You can find this value at the top right of your screen, right under your Nick.

If you charge 25 Credits per minute: 25/6.85 = $3.65 per min

When selling personal contact information, we always suggest that you create an account specifically for use with RIVCams. A special email address that you can also use to create new accounts for messenger services is always a good idea. Also, it is better to use an alternate phone number when selling that contact. A pre-paid cell phone or a basic contract for an additional line from your mobile provider instead of using your personal phone.

All pictures must be submitted and approved on an individual basis. After you upload your photos, you also have the option of editing them or deleting them if you choose not to have those pictures available on your profile anymore.

Pictures that you post as Items for Sale should not be the same as Public Photos that are available on your profile.

Use your webcam to full advantage! Take a two minute video of you stripping, painting your toenails, playing with a toy, trying on different lingerie, etc! Let the chatters see you AND make money even when you aren’t online chatting!

Know you are going to do something extra special or extravagant? Did you find a sexy new costume that you’d like to show off? Feel like doing a show from your bubble bath, tonight? Sell tickets to your special show In Advance!

Have a fantasy that perhaps you’d like to act out online? Enjoy writing about steamy sex scenes? Share your words with your chatters!

When uploading Erotic Stories, remember that the same rules that are listed for Private Chat are also followed here. All stories are read over and approved before they appear for sale in your Profile. Illegal content will not ever be allowed. We also suggest using Word or an online text editor to double-check your spelling and format before you submit your Erotic Stories.

Time to clean out your closet? Want to replace all of your fun lingerie with something new? Chatters love to have something personal from their favorite models. Give them a chance to own something of yours and make a profit while you’re at it!

Remember that the images you post here should be of the item ONLY. Do not submit images of you wearing the item or images of nudity, as they will be rejected. You can always offer to model the item in private chat if they want to see you wearing it before they purchase!

Marketing Outside RIVCams:

Online Status Codes:

Have your own website, blog, etc? You can let your fans know when you are going to be online at RIVCams, too!

Either of these two scripts, found on your profile page, include links directly to Your profile and can be inserted on your own site, blog page, etc. outside of RIVCams to let your fans know where to find you and when you are online!

These links will take anyone who clicks on them directly to your Profile page.

Social Networking:

Add RIVCams to those you follow on Twitter and we will follow you as well.

Please note that we only retweet when you are not promoting other cam services. If you are found promoting another site, we will remove you from our list.

You can also become a fan of RIVCams on Facebook and we can also update your online status there, too! There is a “Like” button on the site, if you can’t find it on your own.

What are the payment methods?

We have always made our payments by bank wire transfer, which means that you'll need a bank current account or post office account in order to receive payments. If you don't have one of these accounts, you can always use a third party's account, such as that of a relative or friend. In this case, remember to enter the account holder's details in the bank section of your personal details page. As of today you can also receive your payments directly on a Magnum Card credit card.

To apply for your credit card, visit the www.magnumcards.com website.

Once you have fulfilled the requirements to request a payment, you can select the payment method you prefer:

* bank wire transfer
* Magnum credit card

To receive your payment by credit card, you will need to:

* apply for your credit card at: www.magnumcards.com
* once your application has been approved, and the credit card has been physically delivered to you, just follow the instructions on RIV when choosing the payment by credit card method. Essentially you just have to enter your registration email address on the Magnumcards website.
* as soon as the request has been approved by RIV you'll be able to ask for payments to be made to the credit card that will be sent to you in the meantime.

Note: You will always have to go through the payment request procedure and choose how you want to be paid on each occasion, by bank wire transfer or credit card

Note: Payments for webcam girls working on RIV as well as on Inkontri and 24live7 cannot be added together, which means that bank wire transfers from these sites will always be managed separately.

How often will I be paid?

Payments are approved every 15 days, i.e.:

* on the first day of the month for requests made between the 16th and 31st of the previous month.
* on the 16th day of the month for requests made between the 1st and the 15th of the month.

Once your request has been approved, you will be credited within 15 days using your chosen payment method (current account or credit card).
You can submit requests for payment of any payable earnings up to twice a month.

Note: In order to request a payment, you need to have achieved minimum earnings of 300 Euros (3,000 credits)

Note: Payments for webcam girls working on RIV as well as on Inkontri and 24live7 cannot be added together, which means that bank wire transfers from these sites will always be managed separately.

What are the earning percentages for webcam girls?

Here is a table showing how much you can earn on Ragazzeinvendita.com

Type of sale

% earning*

Type of earning



per minute



per minute

Cell phone number


per sale

Private videos


per sale

Private photos


per sale



per sale



per sale



per sale

Other contact details


per sale



per sale



per sale



per sale

Erotic story


per sale

Voip (Rivphone)


per minute

Earnings are calculated according to the number of people who decide to buy your contact details (email, cell phone number, etc), which means that if 20 members buy your cell phone number for the price you set, e.g. 10 euros, you will earn 20 sales x 10 Euros = 200 Euros gross, i.e. 200 Euros x 35% (the percentage paid to you) = 70 Euro + any topups.
If you decide to chat on webcam you can set the price per minute.
If for example you appear on webcam for 0.5 euros/minute, you will earn 0.5 x 60 minutes = 30 Euros gross in an hour, i.e. 30 Euro x 50% (the percentage paid to you) = 15 Euros per hour. If you appear on cam for 4 hours, you can earn 60 euros a day part-time!
With the Spycam, you can increase your earnings by two, three or more times because you can decided to be spied on cam while you're in a private session with another user, thus increasing your earnings.
Example: if your webcam costs 35 credits per minute and the spycam 20, and a user calls you for a private session while 10 others spy on you, your earnings per minute will be: 235 credits per minute (23.5 Euros x the 50% paid to you = 11.75 euros per minute)!!!
In a month, with a minimum daily appearance on the site, you can earn over 5,000 euros!
The percentages shown are calculated on the net amount earned from the site, not the gross amount.
Note: Payments for webcam girls working on RIV as well as on Inkontri and 24live7 cannot be added together, which means that bank wire transfers from these sites will always be managed separately.

How can I ask for assistance in the event of a non-payment?

You can report a payment problem as follows:

* Login to the site
* Hover your mouse over "Earnings” in the user menu at the top
* Click on “Request payment” in the dropdown menu that appears
* In the list of payments, click on "Complaint" next to the presumed payment that has not been made
* Click on "Send report"
In the event of a non-payment, click on "Complaint" on the right of the payment you want to report. After you click on "Complaint", a form will appear that you will need to complete carefully.
After completing all the fields, click on "Send report"
Our administration office will examine your request for support and answer as soon as possible.

Note: checking your transactions may take a little time, because we have to wait for answers from the intermediaries who allow for payments to be made by credit card or the relevant banking establishments.

Note: Payments for webcam girls working on RIV as well as on Inkontri and 24live7 cannot be added together, which means that bank wire transfers from these sites will always be managed separately.

Is my privacy secure?

Respect for privacy is one of the most important aspects of Ragazzeinvendita.com's operations. For this very reason it undertakes by contract never to supply personal details of any kind to third parties. RIV never sends hard copy material to the residential addresses of its users and undertakes to send all communications only and exclusively by email or by private message within the portal.